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    The Snyders, formed in the summer of 2011 in Montréal, is a family blues/roots band that digs deeply from many styles of music. The family unit is comprised of Indiana born blues-rocker Southside Denny Snyder - vocalist/lead guitarist (aka blues artist Southside Denny), his daughter Lorrie Snyder on Vocals/Bass (21 years old) and his son Phil Snyder on the drums (17 years of age). 

    For the past 30 years, Southside Denny has garnered the reputation of a legendary blues rocker in his own right with 9 album releases, and performing at notable blues clubs and festivals both in 20 states and 5 Canadian provinces. Early on he developed a strong association with Luther Allison and Sugar Blue, and spent a couple of years in the 90’s performing regularly at Buddy Guy’s Legends in Chicago. In 1999 he won the Ole Harv award for artistic contribution to blues music in Michiana area, and in 2004 the Southside Denny Band represented the state of Indiana at the IBC competition in Memphis. He has a very long list of artists for which he has performed the role of opening act for that resembles a who's who list of the blues.

    Inspired and influenced by their father's musical talent, the siblings took interest at an early age and began to 'hone' their craft. The group was born when Lorrie appeared on two songs of her father's award winning 'Full Circle' album in 2009.  In 2010 the two made several appearances as a duet at the Montréal Festival du Jazz, the Mont Tremblant International Blues Festival, the Canadian Guitar Festival and many others.

    One year later, Phil joined and has become the powerhouse drummer that propels the band.  In January 2012 they recorded their first album together and made numerous appearances at concerts and festivals on both sides of the border. Together, Lorrie and Phil's musical influences have given their father's blues a whole new life that is accessible and enjoyed by all ages.

    Their debut album (The Snyders), released in March 2012, was placed number 13 in the Blind Lemon Top 20 Canadian Blues albums of 2012.  It was also nominated for blues album of the year in Québec, and Lorrie won a Lys award for 'Upcoming artist of the Year' in Québec City at the Gala Lys on July 21rst, 2013.  In April of 2013, the group was awarded the Coup de cœur for Hexagone Lanaudière in the MRC L’Assomption.

    On June 8th, 2014 The Snyders released their second album, aptly titled Growing Pains.  This album received lots of new airplay in Europe and the band continued to advance.

    The Snyders released their third album called Reaching Higher on July 6th, 2017, and are touring it for the rest of this yearRecorded at Golden Mallard Analog Studio by Bryan Lewis in South Bend, Indiana, this album captures The Snyders at their best. Much more a collaboration than their previous two albums, the growth and maturation of all three musicians/composers is amazing. After a relentless summer of touring, the band is breaking new ground in Western Canada in the fall and setting their sights on developing a larger fan base.  

     Bio en français:

    The Snyders est un groupe familial de Montréal qui a été formé à l’été 2011, dont la musique s’inspire de plusieurs styles de blues. Cette famille consiste du guitariste-chanteur « blues-rocker » Southside Denny Snyder, originaire d’Indiana (alias Southside Denny, artiste blues du Midwest), de sa fille Lorrie, 21 ans, bassiste-chanteuse et de son fils Philip, 17 ans, à la batterie.

    Par le passé, Southside Denny s’est fait une réputation légendaire de blues-rocker avec 9 albums à son crédit et de nombreuses performances dans plusieurs clubs de blues reconnus, ainsi que dans de nombreux festivals couvrant 20 états américains et 5 provinces canadiennes.

    Dès ses débuts, Denny a développé une belle coopération avec Luther Allison et Sugar Blue. Durant les années 90, il est devenu un artiste régulier au calendrier du célèbre Buddy Guy’s Legends à Chicago. En 1999, il fut récipiendaire de l’Ole Harv Award pour sa contribution au blues dans la région de Michiana (Michigan-Indiana). En 2004, il a représenté l’état d’Indiana à la compétition International Blues Challenge à Memphis et j’en passe.

    En 2009, Lorrie fait ses débuts en participant sur 2 chansons du disque Full Circle de son père qui gagne le prix album blues de l’année au QC. Ils font aussi une performance au festival de jazz de Montréal, au festival international blues du Mt-Tremblant, au Canadian Guitar Festival et plusieurs autres.

    En 2011, Philip  rejoint le duo et devient le batteur du groupe. Leur premier allbum qui est sorti au printemps 2012 (The Snyders), atteint la 13e place dans le Blind Lemon Top 20 Canadian Blues Album. En 2013, Lorrie remporte le prix artiste blues de la relève au gala Lys à Québec et le groupe reçoit le prix Coup de Cœur Hexagone dans la région de Lanaudière pour la MRC L’Assomption.

    En juillet2017, The Snyders sortent un 3e album intitulé Reaching Hiogher et se concentre à élargir leur public. 

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